Create Excitement in YOUR Neighborhood

Form an Excitement Zone!

Is your house, business, church or organization located along the course? Is there a spot on the course where you plan on gathering? Create a memorable “excitement zone” by rallying your neighbors or co-workers for a creative cheer spot. Here are a few ways to give runners that much needed extra boost of encouragement:

  • Funny or Encouraging Signs – Create your own, or feel free to stop by the Borgess Run for the Health of It Expo at Wings Stadium on May 7. There’s a sign-making station with all the materials you need to make a memorable impression. Get creative! You can google “race encouragement signs” for some starter ideas. Have a friend or family member in the race? Make them a personal message. Have fun with it, but keep it clean: there may be kids in the crowd or on the course.
  • Come Up With a Theme – This year, we’re bringing back the gummi-bear station, the bacon station and Popsicle Hill, to name a few. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Runners will remember the truly unique themes along the course. Consider your resources. What can your neighbors or co-workers bring to your area that can add to your theme?
  • Costumes – Always fun! Costumes are especially memorable when part of a group or a theme (see above).
  • Bring Music – The simplest way to bring music to the course is to set up some portable speakers. Make a fun mix, or bring Bluetooth speakers that link to an iPod. Keep the music upbeat and energetic. Runners will hear the sounds and cheers from down the road or around the corner. This is great motivation for runners to get their legs churning toward your area. In a band or play an instrument? Bring it out.
  • Be Respectful – Runners love course excitement and music, themes, and cheers can be a very welcome distraction on a long run. Just be sure not to physically interrupt the runners. Breaking a runner’s stride can throw off their focus and rhythm. Also, be sure your signs, songs, cheers, and themes aren’t offensive, incendiary, politicized or promotional. The focus should always be supporting the runner, not impressing your own agenda.

Above all, have fun! Crowd support is a huge part of what makes the Borgess Run for the Health of It such a great run for participants.

We’ll help! For excitement zone ideas, location ideas and race info, contact us at 269-345-1913.