Green Strides

Green StridesThe Kalamazoo Marathon and Borgess Run for the Health of It are taking pro-active steps to be a more environmentally friendly event—we call this our Green Strides program. Use the tabs below to learn more about what we’re doing, what you can do, and what our Green Strides track record is:

What We’re Doing


You will find recycling bins throughout the Expo and Tent City at the Start/Finish line. Designated volunteers are present at all trash/recycling areas to assist in ensuring our recycling system is successful.


On-line registration has replaced our paper registration process. Paper registrations are no longer distributed, and are available upon request only.


One step better than recycling is re-using. At the Kalamazoo Marathon we are always trying to think of ways we can reduce our waste, and re-use is a big step in that direction. The majority of  signage  used for the Race events and the Expo are re-used year after year. The “goodie bags” we provide at the Expo and Packet Pickup are re-usable bags that our runners can use at the grocery store, the beach, at home, or anywhere else they like.


What do runners do when their shoes wear out? . . . bring them to the Green Strides booth at the Expo or Tent City to give them a second life! Depending on their condition they will either be donated for re-use, or sent off to be ground up and recycled into new running shoes.

We also collect all clothing shed at the start line and on the course—you’d be amazed at the volume of clothing left behind! Again, depending on the condition of the clothing it is either donated to a charitable cause, or distributed to Habitat for Humanity for re-purposing in insulation products.


In past years we have encouraged our Borgess Run Camp training teams to participate in a community clean up along the course prior to the race. This year we have opened that up to invite the entire running community to participate in course clean up.

Following the race, members of our Green Strides team will sweep the course again to ensure we are leaving the course in as good condition as we found it, or better!

If you want to learn more about our Green Strides initiatives, stop by the Green Strides booth at the Expo or at Tent City.

What You Can Do

There’s only so much we can do on our own to make this a green event . . . the rest is up to you. We’re providing the framework that allows you to jump in and do your part. Here are ways you can help:


Whether you’re coming from across the country or across town, share a ride with a fellow runner. We have an on-line rideshare system to help you connect with others who are traveling from the same direction at the same times. You can access our rideshare system from our website on the Transportation page.


You will find designated collection containers for trash and recyclables as well as dedicated volunteers to help make sure everything goes in it’s proper place.


Bring your old running shoes to our Green Strides booth at the Expo or to Tent City. Depending on their condition they will either be donated for re-use, or will be sent off to be ground up and recycled into new running shoes.


Watch for information regarding our community-wide invitation to be part of a clean-up crew along the course. We schedule this about a week before the race.


Sign up to be a volunteer and specify that you would like to help with the Green Strides initiatives. In the excitement of the the event, it can be difficult for people to know what goes where or that it even makes a difference. Our Green Strides volunteers help guide people to putting trash in the right bins. It makes a HUGE difference in the success of the program!