Join the Fun at Tent City!

Tent CityEveryone will enjoy themselves at the Start/Finish Line in Tent City. We will be creating a festival environment with music, food and fun for the kids. Family, friends, and supporters are welcome!

Fun: We’re famous for our “tent city” and its festival atmosphere on the scenic campus of the Congregation of St. Joseph, with a tree-lined finish line, music and­ food!

Live Music: The live music on stage starts at 9:00 a.m. and keeps tent city rockin’ all day!

Food: Q-It-Up will be serving some great food options of your choice!

Refreshments: Arcadia Ales, one of our region’s most popular kraft brewers, has come up with “The Big Finish” brewed especially for us, and served to adult participants and spectators. Sorry, we must charge for beer, and all proceeds go to our four Children’s Charities!

Morning Worship Service: Join us Sunday morning for a non-denominational worship service at 6:45 a.m. in Tent City.