How To Fix Inner Knee Pain From Running

If you are a keen runner, then there is a good chance that at some point you have experienced a painful inner knee – and no doubt, you are suffering from it now otherwise you probably wouldn’t have stumbled across this page.

Running is great for the cardiovascular system, and it can build up both endurance as well as your overall mental health.

How To Fix Inner Knee Pain From Running

Even so, if you have recently noticed that your inner knee has begun to hurt, it is no surprise that you might have begun to feel worried.

In this article we shall take a look at why your inner knee might be hurting, anf what you can do to fix it. So, let’s get to it!

What Might Cause The Inner Knee To Hurt When Running?

Before we can look into how to get rid of inner pain, you might want to know how it may have come about.

Here are some examples:


Whilst it sounds a little scary, Bursitis is tissue which has become inflamed around the inner knee area.

You might notice a bit of swelling too, and is usually caused by having an injury, or running too much.

Start by treating it with a cold ice pack, but see your doctor to get a proper diagnosis and any medication like anti-inflammatory drugs if needed.

Overexertion (Or Runner’s Knee)

Whilst running more than your body allows in one week or two can cause Bursitis (see above), it might also just cause your inner knee to feel painful.

This is your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

Usually the pain is from an inflamed tendon, so making sure you rest it is the best solution.

However, we do have some advice below to help the process, as well as to make sure you prevent injuring the inner knee again.

When To See A Doctor For Inner Knee Pain

If you suspect the following, see your doctor to make sure you receive the best help possible so you can get back to running soon:

Torn Meniscus

The cartilage that sits between both the thigh and shin bone is called the meniscus. When you do a physical activity like running, you can tear it.

Not only that, over time, physical activity will start to wear this cartilage down which will cause pain in the inner knee.

MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) Injury

This ligament can be found within the inner knee and its job is to give the joint some stability.

If you have had a collision (perhaps you fell over or ran into something), then you have a high chance of hurting this area.

MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) Injury

That is because it involves the bending of the knee the wrong way, and in doing so it can damage the ligament, causing it to be painful.

The pain will be quite severe though, so will need a doctor’s attention.

Just a note: do remember that if you are concerned about your inner knee pain after running, always consult with your doctor.

As much as it is easy to self-diagnose, you will want to know for sure what it is to make sure you do not hurt it further.

How To Fix A Painful Inner Knee

If you have a painful inner knee, you will want to build up your strength overtime once you have sorted the issue – that means not attempting any of the below until you are ready.

You will need to change the way you train for a while, and make sure you target specific areas. So, here are a few exercises to try:

Single Leg Bridge

Not only is this good for the knee, but it is great for the glutes too – win win! Lying on your back with hands by your side, bend your left knee upwards.

Raise your right leg up straight into the air parallel to your bent knee, and bring your bottom up off the ground as you do it, then bring it back down.

Repeat a few times, and change to the other leg.

Hamstring Bridge

The hamstring is an ideal area to target due to it attaching to the back of the inner knee. To do the hamstring bridge, lie on your back and place your hands on your chest.

Bring your knees up and use the heels of your feet, rather than placing your feet fully on the ground.

As the knees are up, raise your bottom and slowly bring your feet back down to a lying position, slowly placing your bottom flat on the floor too.

Split Squat

Stand up straight facing away from a chair (seat at knee height) and place your leg backwards so the top side of the foot rests upon it.

Do a squat and repeat, then change to the other leg.

Making sure you focus on one leg each time gives your body a chance to build up strength.

Final Thoughts

When your inner knees hurt due to running, you might be worried you won’t be able to get back out there.

Once the issue has been diagnosed, there are ways to strengthen the muscles back up.

Richard Harris