About Us

Running is one of life’s little pleasures – it’s free, great exercise, and can be beneficial for your mental health. If you ask me, we could all benefit from a little more running.

Hi, I’m Richard Harris and I have been running for almost 20 years now. Since a young teenager with a little baby fat still clinging on for dear life, I have been obsessed with this simple form of cardio.

Not only have I enjoyed running every single day for two decades, but I have also been fascinated by the countless marathons and races offered around the USA. I love watching these races, and I’ve even participated in some of them too!

Bear in mind that I’m not a competitive runner, so I haven’t won any of the races that I’ve been involved in. But the fun all came from the participation!

One thing I found most interesting when preparing for these races was the history behind them. It’s amazing to learn how these marathons and races came to be, and other fun facts surrounding them.

I’m getting past my running prime now – although I will never stop leisurely running everyday for exercise – so I want to pass the torch and teach others about all of the fascinating things I have learnt about running.

Stick around and hopefully you’ll revel in the knowledge around races I have to tell!