21 Funny And Motivational Running Quotes To Inspire You

Staying motivated to achieve great things while out running can be quite difficult, especially given how difficult motivation can be to come by on the internet.

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21 Funny And Motivational Running Quotes To Inspire You

You could spend ages searching around for inspiration to get you out of the house and into your running shoes, and still find absolutely nothing.

It’s likely that you are reading this now because you are looking around for some inspirational and also very funny quotes that you can use to inspire you to aim high.

Luckily, this is the best place you can turn for exactly that because we have gone through to find some of the best funny and inspiring quotes on the internet!

Read on below to get started!

“I Go Running When I Have To. Like When The Ice Cream Truck Is Doing Sixty.”

This quote from Wendy Liebman, a stand-up comedian, is totally hilarious, and will remind you of the funny reality that running can be hard!

However, it will also inspire you to set yourself goals with every run, so that you can chase your own proverbial ice cream truck!

“The Trouble With Jogging Is That The Ice Falls Out Of Your Glass.”

Martin Mull’s quote here is really funny thanks to the punchline towards the end.

This quote will easily get you laughing, raising your spirits, and getting you ready to take on the challenges that your run will present. 

“Life Is Short. Running Makes It Seem Longer.”

Life can be fleeting, and it can pass you by unless you seize the day!

This hilarious quote from Baron Hansen will easily remind you of this, while also eliciting a chuckle.

This joke acknowledges the tiresome nature of running, making it delightfully self-deprecating!

“I Run Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon.”

This quote from an unknown source is uproariously funny and acknowledges how therapeutic a good run can be.

If you are ever feeling stressed out by life’s challenges, remember this quote!

“For Someone Who Runs All The Time I Still Have The Ability To Make It Look Like It’s The First Time I’ve Ever Tried It.”

Another quote from an unknown source, this quote serves as an effortless reminder of the fact that most everyone feels like a bit of an amateur when they are running, and that you can afford to cut yourself some slack if you’re feeling particularly sluggish!

“Slow Runners Make Fast Runners Look Good. You’re Welcome.”

Sometimes, it’s okay to take it a little slower, and this gut-busting quote is a testament to that fact!

After all, if you’re slower than all of the other runners, they will all feel so much faster. You’re doing them a public service!

“It Doesn’t Matter How Slowly You Go, As Long As You Don’t Stop.”

This funny quote will help you to feel much better about your run, as it will remind you that no matter how far you go, or how long it takes you to do it, there is plenty for you to be proud of.

It also reminds you that the distance that can be run changes drastically from person to person, reminding you to cut yourself some slack!

“Running. Cheaper Than Therapy.”

It’s funny because it’s true! This quote will remind you of how therapeutic it can be to head out for a run and serves as a great love letter to the sport.

As well as this, it is also a great joke about finance that many of us can relate to, making it a great quote to share with friends.

“I Run Because It’s Good For Me. Also Because I Like To Eat. And Drink A Lot.”

We all run for different reasons. Some of us run for the sheer pleasure of it, while others run to get some quick bursts of exercise and some very effective cardio.

This excellent quote is a reminder of this, and also an excellent piece of self-deprecating humor!

“Hills Are Great. Said No Runner Ever!”

We all hate running up hills, they put a lot of extra strain on our bodies as we run, and tire us out far quicker.

However, this excellent quote will remind you that everyone hates hills, but that the trouble you are having in heading up the hill will be worth it in the long run.

“I Don’t Run To Add Days To My Life, I Run To Add Life To My Days.”

Sometimes it can be nice enough to head out for a run just for your own pleasure and to inject some action into your day.

This funny quote will also remind you of the energizing properties of a run.

“I’ve Got 99 Problems, But I’m Going For A Run To Ignore Them All For An Hour.”

Going for a run can very quickly clear your mind, and this quote will help you to remember just how relaxing a good run can really be.

“It’s Not The Distance You Must Conquer In Running, It’s Yourself.”

Sometimes our biggest enemies can be ourselves. It can be difficult to aim for big things when we have a defeatist attitude.

However, this quote will help you to adopt a more positive attitude!

“Runcrastination: Having A Long List Of Things To Do. But Going For A Run Instead.”

Provided you have the correct attitude, going for a run can actually go from being a chore to being a daily treat! This quote will inspire you to reach such a state.

“I Run Because I Love My Body. And Carbs. I Love Carbs.”

You don’t need to be a fitness guru to get out and enjoy running!

“If I Keep Running, I’ve Got To Come Across A Taco Stand Eventually.”

It’s important to set small goals for yourself every day, no matter how small they may be!

“Run Like Someone Just Called You A Jogger.”

This hilarious quote will put a little extra pep in your step, and make you move just a little bit faster. It’s also just incredibly funny!

“Just Let Me Run. And No One Gets Hurt.”

Running can be so relaxing that it could also be one of the few things that keeps you totally sane!

“Our Sport Is Your Sport’s Punishment.”

Ever feel like you’re not running enough, just remember that other sports use running as a punishment, you’ll be inspired in no time!

“Someone Busier Than You Is Running Right Now.”

If this quote doesn’t get your pace quickening, then we don’t know what will!

“It’s Fine. I Ran Today.”

Whatever you indulge yourself in after a run is totally fair game, after all, you’ve already done the exercise!

To Conclude

We hope that this list has proven not only to be incredibly funny and entertaining but also incredibly inspiring and that you feel ready to take on any challenges that your run may throw your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Motivates A Person To Run?

One key thing that a runner needs to have is a personal motivation that is personal to them.

Be it a goal of weight loss, improved strength, or even improved cardio health.

These goals are simple and are proven to motivate individuals.

What Motivates Long Distance Running?

If you’re looking for motivation to take on a long-distance run, then you simply need to ensure you focus on the end goal and keep believing in yourself to achieve it. 

Is Running Mental Or Physical?

Running requires both physical and mental fortitude.

Your body needs to be able to keep the pace up for long periods, and your mind needs to be strong to keep you motivated until you reach the end of a run.

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