Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon Course With Map

Every year, in Kalamazoo Michigan, takes place the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon.

Originally set up in 1979 as a way to combat illness and poor health through running, the marathon is now a series of different events held so people of all abilities and fitness can enjoy this annual marathon.

Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon Course With Map

As a result, there are actually different events with different courses. So, let’s take a look at some of the finer details of each course so you can have a better idea of where you will be running when the marathon starts. 

How Many Events Are There?

The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon is not just a single marathon run. There are actually five individual runs – the full run, the half run, the 10k run, the 5k run, and the priority health 5k walk. 

The reason behind these different marathon runs and courses is so more and more people can join in the event no matter their ability.

The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon is all about promoting health and fitness – so the more people who join in, the better! 

However, the difference in runs means that different courses are necessary to meet the distance needs of each run. So, let’s take a closer look at each one! 

The Zeigler Full And Half Marathon 

Sometimes known as the main event of the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon, the Zeigler Full and Half Marathon use the same course but the full is run twice around.

It typically starts and finishes at the same spot at the Stryker Finish Festival, which is usually situated on Water Street and Edwards Street in downtown Michigan. 

There will also be plenty of mile markers to help guide your way along with plenty of water stops.

The first waterstop will be just after the two mile marker with the second after the forth, the third just before the sixth (along with the first splint and first aid station) and the forth in between the eighth and ninth mile markers.

The final two water stations will be between the tenth and eleventh mile markers, and just before the twelfth. 

In total, the course is 13 miles long (21 kilometers) and will turn around at the Asylum Nature Preserve.

Below is a map of the 2022 course but be warned – in the future, there may be adjustments so always double check the map released a  few days before the event itself.  

The Zeigler 10k Run

The 10k run will start in the same place as the other races but will obviously be much shorter in length and as a result, follow a different course. 

There will be a total of six mile markers with three water stations, roughly following West Michigan Avenue until the course reaches Howard Street, where it will turn and circle back.

It’s a lot shorter than the full and half run, and as a result, covers a much smaller part of downtown Michigian. 

Check out the below map from the 2022 run! 

The Zeigler 5k Run And Walk 

Finally, here is the shortest course of the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon – the 5k run and walk!

Both events follow the same course – starting from the same spot as the other courses but instead following Oak Street, turning at Forest Street and West Crosstown Parkway, before following South Burdick Street until it completes the circuit.  

There is only one water station on this course and can be found just before the 2 mile marker at the end of Forest Street. 

Here is the map for the 2022 course. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s everything you need to know about the courses for the Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon events! Remember that the course may adjust slightly every year to be sure to double check the maps!

Good luck!

Richard Harris