Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon: Parking & Shuttles Guide

While the title may not sound familiar, people living in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan, know this annual sporting event better as the “Borgess Run for the Health of It”.

Although there will be a few roads closed for the Marathon, the organizers said that there is plenty of parking available.

Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon Parking & Shuttles Guide

We’ll take a look at where you can find parking and whether you can use shuttle buses to get to the event.

What’s The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon?

The Zeigler Kalamazoo marathon is a three-day event with a number of different marathons, including a 5k walk and run, a 10k run, a half and full marathon as well as a kids’ event.

In 1979, John Daley-Borgess conceived of the idea to create a running event in Kalamazoo to promote health, wellbeing and exercise. 

A year later, the first “Borgess Run for the Health of It” drew 800 runners. The event has been held most years since then.

In 1986, the organizers added a 5k and 15k run, and the full marathon was added in 2011.

For a long time, the marathon was sponsored by Ascension Borgess, but in 2022, they stepped aside and Zeigler Automotive Group is now the new sponsor.

This is the reason why the event name has changed from the original “Borgess Run for the Health of It” to the “Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon”.

Zeigler Auto Group is one of the biggest car dealer groups in the states. It runs a number of franchises in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Apart from their large automotive portfolio, they also own and operate Zeigler Motorsports, which is an action park and motorsports dealership in Kalamazoo.

Where Is The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon?

Due to the change in sponsor, the marathon also changed its course in 2022. For the first time in its history, runners would make their way through down Kalamazoo.

They would start at the intersection of North Edwards and East Water.

Where Can You Park For The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon?

Whether you are a runner or a spectator, parking always seems to be rare with events that draw a large crowd, especially in an urban area like downtown Kalamazoo.

Luckily, street parking in the area is all free, and there is no time limit, so you can stay for as long as you want.

There are a number of surface lots available for parking, including:

  • Shakespeare’s lot on 205 W Kalamazoo Avenue
  • Lot #30 via 411 W Kalamazoo Ave (County Parking Lot)
  • Lot #1 with approach from 341 E South Street (across from Wild Bull)
  • Bronson lot left and right

There are also a few parking ramps available, including:

  • Mall ramp via 130 Portage Street with entrance on Portage street
  • Epic Center ramp via 151 E Lovell/126 E South Street with entrance on Lovell and south

The event organizers put together a handy map to find nearby parking lots.

Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon Parking & Shuttles Guide (1)

Is There A Shuttle Service For The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon?

We could not find any information about a specific shuttle service for the event but it’s worthwhile contact the organizers directly to check.

Which Roads Will Be Closed For The Zeigler Kalamazoo Marathon?

Not all roads along the race course will be closed fully. However, there will be a dedicated lane for all runners all along the course.

Roads will be opened once the last runner passes through the nearest intersection, as well as the nearest mile marker on the route.

With the new route, there will also be a number of different roads closed, including Edwards street from Kalamazoo Avenue all the way to Water Street.

Water Street from Koopsen’s Alley to South Rose and Edwards Street to South Rose will also be closed during the time of the event.

Partial closures will also be in place between Lovell Street and Forest Street, as well as Water Street and Lovell Street.

There, the traffic will be stopped to allow runners to pass.

There will also be a number of other temporary road closures at the time, so make sure that you check the local traffic news.

All important points along the course, including intersections, will be carefully monitored by public safety and volunteers to make sure that all runners as well as motorists are safe throughout the event.

During the marathon, all runners will be given right of way on intersections. Only when the last runner has passed the intersection, the traffic will be allowed to return to normal.

This means there will be some delays during the event weekend but organizers try to keep this to the minimum, which should be good news for locals and motorists alike.

Final Thoughts

Despite its name change, the Kalamazoo marathon is still one of the biggest events in town, and there is plenty of parking available for visitors.

Richard Harris