Will Running 2 Miles A Day Get Me In Better Shape?

Whether you’re only beginning your running journey or an experienced athlete, setting a goal is beneficial.

You’ll give yourself something to work towards and slowly begin building up those miles.

Will running 2 miles a day get me in better shape?

Although, before you start hitting the local running trails and wearing out your running shoes you need all the information on what can happen if you run 2 miles a day.

This guide has everything you need to know about running 2 miles a day and whether it will get you in shape or leave you gasping for air.

Is Running 2 Miles A Day A Good Goal?

Running two miles a day is a great way to start your running journey.

Many new runners and even experienced runners set this distance as their target when training as it’s the ideal distance.

Doesn’t take too long to complete and has a range of benefits to offer no matter your experience in running.

By reaching this daily goal, new runners will feel successful. They will get more endurance and stamina if this is done every day.

A daily two-mile run can assist seasoned runners maintain their stamina and endurance while serving as a sort of active rehabilitation in between larger runs.

So, yes running 2 miles a day is a good goal for runners of all levels.

Can Running 2 Miles A Day Be Dangerous For Runners?

Much like all other forms of exercise, running 2 miles a day comes with its own set of risks and injuries.

You should always have a conversation with your doctor before you begin running. They can determine if running 2 miles a day is the right exercise for you or if it will be too risky.

Once you have checked with a medical professional and got the go ahead to begin your running journey, running 2 miles a day everyday may cause you some discomfort.

This can lead to common running injuries such as Runner’s knee, Achilles Tendonitis and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT Band Syndrome). These can be painful if not treated correctly.

Take your time to build up to 2 miles a day and always take preventative measures such as warming up and stretching before a run.

Remember to stay hydrated and choose a simple, safe running path.

What If I Can’t Run 1 Mile Yet?

Can’t run 1 mile without stopping? Not to worry! There are a few tips to getting that first mile before moving onto 2 miles.

  • Build stamina by alternating between running and walking.
  • Slowly increase distance ran and decrease distance walked
  • Take rest days
  • Have active rest days

There’s no rush to run that first mile. Take it slow and build muscle, endurance and stamina before increasing your distance.

This will prevent injury and keep you at a pace that works for you.

Is Running 2 Miles A Day Considered Beginner Running?

Whether you have run marathons or are only beginning, running 2 miles a day is an excellent distance.

Beginners will find this distance to be a challenge whilst more experienced runners will find this to be their sweet spot in between big runs.

A two mile run gives all runners the chance to run without hitting burn out. Balancing the run with small walking breaks will keep you feeling accomplished yet not totally spent.

Will running 2 miles a day get me in better shape?

Experienced marathon runners can cover much longer distances than two miles, but even they can gain a lot by sticking to a daily two-mile run.

The distance is just right—not too short to have no effect and not too lengthy to stop marathon runners from staying in shape.

Am I Running Too Slow?

Runners who have been running for an extended period of time may find themselves completing a 2 mile run in around nine and a half minutes.

Although not everyone can be expected to complete it that quickly.

A moderately experienced runner may complete the course in roughly 30 minutes whilst beginners may take some more time.

Taking it down a notch and walking during your run will only benefit you in the long run. Taking your time to gradually work your way to your goal is a benefit to all levels of runners.

Then you can begin working on finishing the 2 miles in the quickest time possible.

The only person you are in competition with is yourself. Making small but confident progress everyday is excellent to build up your confidence and skills.

Am I Walking Too Slow?

Everyone moves at their own pace, so walking too slow shouldn’t worry you. However, the average person has a leisurely walking pace of three miles per hour (mph).

This means that the average person will take 30 to 40 minutes to walk 2 miles. This is depending on the amount of breaks needed or if you need to slow down from time to time.

When you begin walking 2 miles a day it may feel like it’s taking you longer than necessary. But just remember that the more you do it, the better you will feel and the easier it will be.

Be consistent with your walking and you’ll soon find yourself running before you know it!

Don’t forget to take your time in building up to that 2 mile target. Walking or running, it can take time to meet your goals.

Can I Lose Weight Running 2 Miles A Day?

Completing any exercise consistently over an extended period of time will give you weight loss results. Running is no different.

When a person runs two miles, they typically burn between 180 and 300 calories.

Exercise-associated thermogenesis (EAT), a kind of caloric expenditure, is influenced by an individual’s general degree of fitness as well as their total body mass.

The higher the intensity of your run, the more calories you will burn.

This can mean running your two miles at a faster pace or finding a route with a slight incline to burn more calories throughout your run.

Whilst you want to maximize the calories you burn, pushing yourself too hard can lead to setbacks.

If you’re pushing yourself harder during your run without completing a proper warm up or stretching routine before you head out can lead to muscle cramps, injuries and even burnout.

Stick to a pace which feels comfortable to you and ease yourself into running at a faster pace.

Will Running 2 Miles A Day Tone My Body?

You may tone your body quite effectively by running two miles each day.

Your body needs to burn a lot of calories when you run because it requires a lot of energy for your legs to propel you forward.

Will running 2 miles a day get me in better shape?

Taking care of your body through nutrition and recovery will also help you tone your body.

You want to fuel your body with the correct foods such as a balanced diet with lots of vegetables to see the best results.

As you recover from your runs your muscles will begin to repair themselves.

Much like a rest day from the gym. Your body requires a good amount of rest to repair itself and you’ll start seeing those nice toned muscles after a short period of time!

If you can’t get out a run or just need to switch it up, cross-training is an excellent low-impact exercise which will also begin toning up your muscles.

How Long Until You See Results?

Whilst running is an impressive cardiovascular exercise, taking the time to rest and recover is important.

Getting the right amount of recovery will have you seeing results in your stamina and endurance within the first few weeks.

However, if your goal is weight loss related it may take a little longer to see results.

Remember it’s a run not a sprint.

Your muscles will get stronger as you master the capacity to run two miles per day.

Your lower body’s bulky muscles could get a little bit heavier as they gain strength and become more resilient.

That is why, despite the fact that you are burning calories and reducing fat, your weight on the scale may not initially decrease.

Remain consistent and run 2 miles a day to see results within a few weeks of beginning! Soon you’ll find yourself in the best shape of your life.

What Should I Eat?

Having something to eat before your run is crucial to seeing a great performance.

Eating something light such as some fruit or a snackbar will give you enough fuel to complete your run without weighing you down.

Even 2 miles isn’t a marathon, your body needs the energy that food provides to make it through.

Having a large meal before a run may hinder you. Your body only requires enough energy to complete the run and so a big meal may make you feel sluggish and heavy as it sits in your stomach.

Overeating can lead to muscle cramps, stomach aches and may make you feel a bit nauseous during your run.

Whilst under-eating or having nothing at all will leave you with no energy to complete your run.

Running And Weight Lifting?

The combination of cardiovascular exercises and weight training workouts will only maximize your runs and improve the toning of your muscles.

Although, there are a few things you may want to be aware of.

Rest days. Whether this is a full rest day of no exercise or an active rest day where you go for a nice walk around the block, rest days are imperative.

Completing your 2 mile run and a weight training session too close together will cause too much stress on your body overall.

Listen to your body. While you have a goal of running 2 miles everyday, there may be days where your body needs more rest.

If you feel like you’re pushing your body to its limits, decrease your workout intensity, walk instead of run and give yourself a much needed break.

Being aware of your body’s needs is just as important as reaching your goals. Ignoring what your body needs will only lead to setbacks during your journey.

Lifting weights regularly will help improve your form and as you build muscles all over your body will help prevent injury.

This is great for your running performance as the muscles help protect your bones and joints whilst absorbing the majority of the impact as you land each step.

Always get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and eat a balanced diet, no matter what.

So that you may regularly enjoy two-mile runs and weightlifting, you can make sure that your muscles recover as effectively as possible by doing this.

Health Benefits

Setting a healthy goal of running 2 miles a day has a full range of positive benefits for both physical and mental health.

Will running 2 miles a day get me in better shape (3)

Physical Health Benefits

While running 2 miles a day will result in fat loss and muscle development, it is also amazing for your heart. Even if you are already a healthy weight.

Running 5 to 12 miles a week has been shown to reduce body mass, body fat, resting heart rates and triglyceride levels throughout all individuals.

It can also increase your oxygen intake and increase your ‘good’ cholesterol levels.

You will also notice a lift in your daily mood. As you run and become involved in regular exercise your body chemicals will produce more endorphins and serotonin.

The happy chemicals which make us feel satisfied and accomplished. This can impact both your mental and physical health so we’ll touch on this some more later.

Running, like other forms of aerobic exercise, can help your lungs by increasing their capacity and making it possible for oxygen to be transported through your body more effectively.

By jogging several times a week, increasing your stamina, and running outside, you can enhance the condition of your lungs.

Overall your body will begin to feel stronger, leaner and healthier. You’ll find yourself completing tasks you never thought possible for yourself. All from running a simple 2 miles a day.

Mental Health Benefits

As mentioned above, running 2 miles a day will help your body release endorphins which make you feel good from the inside out. Your mood will be lifted and you’ll begin to understand the term ‘Runner’s High’.

Running can also reduce your stress levels. This through a chemical called endocannabinoids which is biochemical with similar effects to cannabis.

This is produced naturally in your bloodstream and travels all the way to your brain. You’ll feel more relaxed and calm after a run.

Your sleep will improve. Not only are you more tired from exuding energy whilst running, your body will naturally enter a sleep schedule which is best for you.

Your body relaxes during and after exercise, which promotes restful sleep. Regular sleep patterns are healthy for the brain and enhance mental wellness.

A major benefit from running regularly is the prevention of cognitive decline.

While there is no “cure” for Alzheimer’s, jogging may increase the brain’s capacity to lessen and delay cognitive deterioration that starts after age 45.

Exercise increases the chemicals in the brain that support and prevent the hippocampus, a crucial component of the brain for memory and learning, from degenerating, especially in people between the ages of 25 and 45.

So whilst running 2 miles a day may seem like a chore, there are a full host of benefits. Both long term and short term.

Are Rest Days Important?

Yes. Having at least 1-2 rest days is crucial for your full recovery from running. Especially if you are a beginner to running 2 miles a day.

Beginners will want to take a rest day every other day and as your body becomes used to the exercise you can reduce this to at least 1 rest day a week.

Everyone needs time to let their body recover.

There are 2 types of rest days in the world of running:

Static Recovery

As implied by the name, static recovery involves remaining lying or sitting down.

There isn’t much movement during this type of recovery however stretching will do your muscles the world of good.

During a static recovery day you may want to take a nice hot bath, watch a movie and perform a long stretching routine.

This will release any tension built up in your body during your runs and relieve any stiffness and tightness in your joints.

Regular stretching will increase your flexibility and range of motion which is great for overall health and you’ll feel more relaxed and fluid.

Active Recovery

This involves performing a low intensity exercise over a high intensity workout such as running or weight lifting.

These workouts may be going for a walk, swimming or yoga.

While you are having a rest day from running your 2 miles a day, being completely inactive may cause your muscles to seize up and hinder your next run.

Completing active rest days will keep the blood pumping to your muscles, your joints and minimize the tightness throughout your body.

Think of it as an easy workout day rather than a rest day.

On an active rest day you may take some time to get some extra hours of sleep, eat some calories and enjoy your time to relax.

Rest days are essential to your running journey as your body needs time to recover and rebuild your muscles after a few days of running.

Tips For Running 2 Miles A Day

We’ve put together some helpful tips to make your running 2 mile a day journey just a little bit easier.

Pace Yourself

As you begin running it’s important to find a pace where you feel comfortable and can hold for an extended period of time.

You should be able to hold a conversation with the person beside you as you run, if you can’t you are running too fast.

Take your time to find a pace that works for you and you can complete your run without being too out of breath.

Gradually Build Intensity

As you become comfortable running 2 miles a day you begin to want to cut your time.

Say it’s taking you 25 minutes to complete your 2 miles, you may want to shorten that to 23, then 21 etc.

You can begin doing a technique called Negative Splits.

This is where you run slower for the first 10 minutes to allow your aerobic system to open up, get your breathing right and then slowly increase your pace.

You’ll soon notice yourself running those 2 miles faster than ever!

Final Thoughts

So, can running 2 miles a day get you in shape?

Yes! Consistently running 2 miles a day will get you in shape. Combined with a healthy, balanced diet you’ll soon see yourself losing body fat, gaining more muscle, feeling lighter and overall healthier.

Including other workouts such as weightlifting will only improve your running performance and give you more confidence.

Remember, take rest days to recover, gradually work towards your goal and reap the benefits of running 2 miles a day!

Richard Harris