How Many Miles A Day Should I Run?

Running is an easy way to get out and get your body moving, and one of the simplest ways to keep active and even lose weight.

How Many Miles A Day Should I Run?

However, it can be very easy to overexert yourself when running, so it is important to ensure that you are never running too far, while also making sure that you are running far enough to have an effective workout.

But how far should you actually run each day? How many miles should you cover? And does it change from person to person? 

If you want to make the most of your running without running the risk of pushing yourself too hard, then make sure to read on down below, because we are going to find out exactly how many miles you should run each day!

How Many Miles A Day Should I Run?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a truly definitive answer to this question that is suitable for every type of person.

How far you should run depends on a number of things such as your experience with running, your physical condition, or even your age. 

If you are totally new to running, you should always make sure to start with a shorter distance, and then slowly increase that distance around every two weeks.

To start with, you should generally be running for around 2 to 4 miles, which should generally take you around 20 to 30 minutes. 

It is important to start off with a realistic distance like 4 miles, as it will allow your body to adjust to running, and as your body then develops more strength, you can then run further.

This helps you to avoid the risk of injury so that you can run more frequently and see the benefits of your exercise more quickly. 

As long as you run over 3 miles per day, you will be hitting the recommended level of cardio output for the day, so if you are content for your running to be cardio-based, then 3 miles should be more than sufficient. 

Once you become more experienced with running, you can easily add more miles to your run, though generally, you should instead focus on adding more time to your run, rather than distance.

Every two weeks, try to add an extra ten minutes to the run, and see how much further you can run!

How Often Should I Run?

You should aim to run up to three to four times per week, on whichever days work best.

This allows your body plenty of time to rest in between runs so that you do not run the risk of over-exerting yourself and potentially succumbing to long-term injuries. 

If you are a total beginner at running, it is recommended to run three days per week and to have good intervals between those days.

For instance, try running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday for your body to relax and recuperate. 

If your condition requires that you run slightly less frequently, or for shorter periods each time, then don’t be afraid to limit your weekly average to two runs or less per week!

You can easily up the amount of running as you recover strength.

How Many Miles A Day Should I Run?

Once you have become more experienced with running, you can easily increase your weekly average to around 4 per week, or even five per week.

However, it is important to ensure that you allow some days in the week for your body to simply relax and regain its energy.

This will help to prevent injury, and also allows you to run more effectively when you do get back to it.

How Does Age Affect How Far You Run?

Naturally, age will directly impact how far you can run each day, so you must make sure that you are kind to yourself and consider your age, as this will help you to avoid injury.

As you get older, you may find that you cannot run quite as far as you could when you were younger, and this is totally normal.

However, it is possible to regain much of your past strength, but you must make sure to start out slowly if you are getting into running past the age of 35.

Start by running only around 3 days per week, and then, very slowly, as you feel strength returning to your body, increase the number of days. 

Age will cause your muscles, bones, and joints to degrade slightly, especially if they are not moved about adequately.

However, with frequent and careful exercise, it is possible to regain strength in all of them and return to a level of fitness that an individual may have had in their youth.

To Finish Up

As you can now see, on average, you should be running around 3 miles per day if you want to reach the baseline recommended amount of cardio to keep your heart fit.

This should take most average runners around 30 minutes every day, but when runners become more experienced they can easily push towards 5 or 6 miles every day and still keep it within 30 minutes.

Regardless, it is important to always consider your level of experience, fitness, and age when deciding how far to run each day, as well as how often to run.

Do not ever push yourself too far, and make sure you give your body plenty of time to recover between individual running sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Running 3 Miles A Day Enough?

Definitely. 3 miles is enough to get your heart pumping and to give you the amount of cardio your body needs each day.

Is It OK To Run Everyday?

For many people, running every day is totally fine, however, it should generally only be done by those at the peak of fitness, as running every day can cause long-term injuries for the average person.

Is It Better To Go For A Run In The Morning Or Evening?

Many people believe it is better to run in the evening, as your body temperature will be much higher at that time, and thus running will be much easier, because your body will be more flexible.

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