Jog On! 12 Running Memes That’ll Have You In Stitches

Who doesn’t love a good running meme, huh? In this article, we have thrown together 12 hilarious yet relatable memes that will make your day even better.

Jog On! 12 Running Memes That’ll Have You In Stitches

So, let’s dive right into them!

Who Doesn’t Love Carbs?

Who would’ve thought that you could ever get rewarded for eating carbs? It is the dream!

It goes without saying that we runners put in a lot of effort to earn our carbs, and it is one of the best rewards we could ever hope for.

We believe that the ability to eat carbs guilt-free should be enough to spur anyone to take up jogging.

You could say that running is a piece of cake… or, well, something along those lines.

Things Only Runners Understand

Is there anything worse than running for what feels like forever, only to check your GPS watch to discover that you are a measly 0.03 miles off your target?

You could always go for another lengthy run to make up the numbers, but, come on, who wants to do that? You’ve already done the hard work.

A couple of laps around your house should round the numbers up perfectly…

Miraculously Healed Running Injuries

Running injuries seem to strike when you least expect it. And, when you least want them to.

Whether it is a rolled ankle, or a sprained calf ligament, an injury can feel like the worst thing in the entire world.

Which is why, when the injury seemingly disappears, it can feel like the greatest thing in the world! The smart thing to do would be to continue to rest, but… well, who wants to do that?

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Run A Marathon?

Yep, we’re all guilty of it. It is like a rite of passage; once you become a runner, you want to spread the good news!

And, after all, running a marathon is one hell of an achievement. Why shouldn’t we brag about it? At least it’ll never get annoying for us!

Alicia Keys Knows What’s Up

‘This girl is on fire’? Nope… after running a couple miles to the point that your thighs are burning, and becoming what feels like a jelly-like substance, this becomes your new theme song.

Alicia Keys gets it! We’re definitely adding this to our running playlist.

Money Vs. Distance

Sure, time is money… but to a runner, distance is way more important, right?

If you see the term ‘5K’, and your mind immediately thinks about your next run, you may be too far gone to return to normal.

It’s All Downhill From Here

Is running the only activity that turns ‘it’s all downhill from here’ into a positive statement?

Probably. Any runner knows that there is no better feeling than noticing a road becoming a downward slant.

Sure, the quads may start to burn a little more, but who doesn’t love running downhill compared to uphill? It is that well-earned break that we all deserve!

Injury Denial

Do you hate admitting when you have an injury? Non-runners may think we’re insane, but honestly, there is nothing we hate more than being injured.

Especially if that injury is somewhat durable.

If we are physically able to put weight on our feet, we will go on that run tomorrow. Period.

Do Photogenic Runners Exist?

We have all experienced those moments when we are running, and we know that we are killing it. We can only imagine what other people are seeing when they witness us zooming past them, as elegant as a cheetah in the wilderness.

Except, we never look as good as we think we do. Never.

Just An Hour On The Treadmill

Some people may think it’s easier to run on a treadmill, but who are they kidding?

At least when you go for a run outside, you can take in the surrounding scenery. On a treadmill, all you can do is look straight ahead.

Treadmills seem to destroy any person’s sense of time and existence, and we are simply not about that life.

Nothing Beats A Runner’s High

We all chase highs in this life, and as runners, we are constantly chasing that high we experience after a successful run.

However, we know which joint we would rather roll… and, it’s not the one in our ankle.

Words Of Encouragement From Mr. Gosling

Last, but certainly not least, we have some words of encouragement from our favorite Ryan in the world (sorry, Reynolds).

If this meme doesn’t give you the motivation to go run, nothing ever will!

Final Thoughts

Those were our top picks of hilarious running memes. We hope you found them just as entertaining as we did!

Next time you’re out running, think of Ryan Reynolds to get you over that finish line. Trust us… it works!

We hope you enjoyed this article.

Richard Harris