Virtual Race Courses & Training Route: West Michigan

Since the pandemic, more and more people have gained interest in running virtual races instead of the usual runs and marathons that take place in cities and parks.

However, if you are thinking about signing up to a virtual race in west Michigan, then you’re probably wondering where you need to run and train. 

Virtual Race Courses & Training Route West Michigan

Here, we are going to be taking a closer look at virtual races, their courses, and routes you can take to train. This way, you can fully understand what a virtual race is and how you can train appropriately for it. 

What Is A Virtual Race? 

A virtual race is very different from a traditional run. While you still end up running the same distance, you completely get to choose where you want to run.

Basically, you get to choose the starting line for your race and some participants don’t even need to leave the house. 

Most organized marathons and races will offer a ‘virtual’ option where for a small fee, you can sign up and still receive the usual package of a shirt and medal – but you don’t have to travel to where the race is taking place.

Some people complete a virtual race by running the same distance on their treadmills or in their local area. 

You don’t even need to complete the run at the same time it is taking place at its location. Some races allow you to complete the race in your own time while others may require you to ‘start’ simultaneously just in a different location. 

As long as you finish the same distance – it doesn’t matter where you run your course.

It could be in a circle around your block, at your local park, anywhere! Just finish the run and then upload your time to the run’s website so you can receive your medal in the mail. 

Virtual races are super flexible and help encourage participation in running from home.

This means more people feel like taking up running because they don’t have to travel to certain areas to compete in races.

West Michigan Courses And Routes

Because a virtual race can be run anywhere, there are no ‘set’ courses you need to travel to to run. Your course could just be your treadmill, your block, your local park, anywhere! 

This means that you can complete a virtual run and train for it anywhere in west Michigan. 

It’s important to remember to stay safe so you may want to choose a route that is close to your home and is familiar, as well as avoiding traffic or crowds.

Also, keep in mind the elevation of your desired course as running uphill for most of the run will affect your time (as will running downhill). 

Final Thoughts

So, there are no set courses or training routes for virtual races in west Michigan.

The whole purpose of them is to be flexible and allow participants to run the same distance in any way they choose whether it’s on their treadmill at home or around an open field – as long as you complete the same selected distance of the run! 

Richard Harris