What To Wear When Running In The Cold

Picking up running or jogging in the spring or summer seasons means that you get the chance to get up and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures.

What To Wear When Running In The Cold

This means that when the seasons shift and winter rolls around, a lot of people can struggle finding the motivation to continue their routine. 

One of the biggest reasons why some people give up running when winter sets in is because it’s too cold when you set out.  

To try and tackle this, here is a list of all the clothes you should wear to ensure that you are wrapped up and warm for your winter runs.

This way, you won’t overheat or freeze up while running so you can continue your progress and not face any weather-related setbacks in your training. 

So, check out the options below to see what you should wear when running in cold temperatures! 

Layering Up

What you should wear on a run during cold weather and temperatures really depends on your level of comfort.

This is especially true when temperatures are only just beginning to dip. What one person might view as a warm, pleasant morning could be too cold for another. 

So, the first step when preparing for a run is to start layering up run by run.

If the temperature is a bit lower than normal, then don’t be afraid to pull on an extra layer – such as a thin jacket or long sleeved t-shirt – before you head out.

Switch from shorts to leggings. Wear longer socks. These switches will help you create another pocket of air to trap warm air closer to your body. 

So, as summer shifts into fall, you can just start out by layering up little by little until you are comfortable.

If you get too warm, then just remove the layer while you are running. 

However, there are general ‘checklists’ on things you should wear when out for a run in certain temperatures.

You can use these as a guide but don’t feel that you have to wear something if you find you are too warm and uncomfortable wearing them.

The important thing is to wear what you are comfortable with. 

With that said, let’s move onto the recommended items of clothing to wear when running in certain temperatures. 

What To Wear At 32 Degrees And Above

For a chilly run, here is what you should really think about wearing to keep yourself warm. 

To start, try wearing a pair of medium thickness gloves.

Not only will these gloves keep your hands warm by trapping your body heat close to your skin, they will also keep your hands safe from any harsh winds that can chap and dry out your skin.

The great thing about gloves is that when you get too warm, it’s very easy to pull them off and stuff them into one of your pockets – so gloves are usually the go to clothes to wear when things get chilly on your run. 

What To Wear When Running In The Cold

It’s also recommended that you consider wearing a light hat like a beanie or some kind of headband.

While a hat will also trap heat escaping from your head and thus keep your entire head warm, a headband is a good alternative for those who find hats too stifling.

A headband can help keep your ears warm and protect them from the wind so if you don’t like the idea of wearing a beanie while running, then a headband that covers your ears is a great alternative. 

As for pants, normal running tights or leggings will definitely keep your legs nice and warm.

Some people may insist on continuing to wear shorts but this comes down to personal preference. 

When it comes to your body and torso, now is the time to layer up. You should wear a long sleeved shirt to help keep your arms arm by trapping an extra layer of warm air there.

If you opt for a short sleeved t-shirt, then you won’t have that additional layer. 

You should also definitely wear a lightweight jacket. This is because not only will this provide an additional layer for heat but it will also serve as protection from rain and wind.

If you get too warm, then it’s easy to strip off a jacket and tie it around your waist as you run – so it’s important to ensure you wear a jacket made from a lightweight material. 

What To Wear For Below 32 Degree Runs

When the temperatures drop below freezing, it’s time to step up your game and wrap up a little more warmly to protect your body.

While you can still wear the clothing items mentioned in the previous section, here are some additions you should seriously consider.

The first is to switch out your thin gloves for ones made from a thicker and insulated material.

You may find that your original gloves were just fine but once temperatures drop below freezing, your fingers and joints in your hands can quickly seize up and become stiff from the cold. 

You may also want to wear some thermal tights or pants in this weather rather than your usual choices.

This is because thermal tights or pants are especially designed to help keep as much of your body heat trapped against your skin as possible so they are a super important addition to your clothing to help you stay warm. 

You should also wear jackets and t-shirts made from heavier materials such as polyester or wool. Again, don’t be afraid to layer up! 

Also, for your jacket, you should also try and find one that also has a hood.

This way you can also provide an extra layer of warmth to your head and also protect you from adverse weather. 

Socks are also important to keeping yourself warm while on a below freezing run so make sure they cover the gap between your shoe and your pants. 

And finally – your shoes! Things can get icy and slippery in below freezing weather so make sure your shoes have enough traction to avoid slipping. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to let chilly temperatures stop you from running.

If you want to keep running even through winter and fall, then check out the above guidance to find out what you should wear when running in the cold. 

This way, you can keep your body happy and healthy as you head out and brave the cold!  

Richard Harris