Earn Your Mittens

2 Marathons in 2 Days

Michigan and Wisconsin, affectionately known as “The Mitten States,” are working hand-in-hand to bring you a unique opportunity. The Kalamazoo Marathon has partnered with the Wisconsin Marathon to offer this double marathon challenge — 2 Marathons in 2 Days — are you up for the challenge?

How it works:

You need to register for each race separately. When you register for the Kalamazoo Marathon check the option that tells us you are “Earning Your Mittens” and we’ll add you to our list. Run the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Saturday, then take a drive to Kalamazoo, Michigan and run the Kalamazoo Marathon on Sunday.

Mitten contenders will be awarded a commemorative pair of Earn-Your-Mittens mittens in Wisconsin. Here in Kalamazoo we’ll provide Mitten contenders with a free meal ticket and a special VIP tent at the start/finish line to provide express packet pickup the morning of the race and a convenient meet-up for Mitteners and their families, and you will be awarded a special “Earn Your Mittens” medal at the finish line!

If you have already registered for the Kalamazoo Marathon and you later decide to take the Mitten Challenge, or if you have any questions about the Earn Your Mittens Challenge, contact info@borgessrun.com.

Please note, the Earn Your Mittens challenge applies only to the full Marathon race event. If you are interested in our double Half Marathon challenge, see the Midwest Half & Half page.

May 3, 2015 – Earn Your Mittens Participants